Tuesday, February 8, 2011

New CADCA Primer

CADCA has introduced a a Social Media Primer with a twist. The twist? This Primer is wiki-based meaning it is online as opposed to printed. The aim is to help community coalitions utilize web-based tools and methods to enhance communication with members, other stakeholders, funders and the community at-large. This digital publication is a living, working document that will change as we all put the tools to work and will grow as new tools become available. Each section incorporates a variety of social media to enhance planning, implementation and evaluation for local coalitions.

The best part is you can participate by:

  • adding your comments or questions to any page or topic
  • adding links to other supporting web content
  • rate page content so we all know what's working and can make improvements
  • share links to the pages you find useful via e-mail, twitter, facebook or other social media

CADCA invites you to participate in keeping the publication up-to-date and have incorporated a page rating system that will help us know what's working and what needs improvement. Additionally, we welcome your comments and links to additional resources that may halp other coalitions. Let's see what we can develop together.

The publication was developed by a team of writers and social media and coalition specialists including LaDonna Coy of Learning Chi, Jason Verhoosky of Danvers CARES coalition and Old Beauty Design; Dr. Tom Workman of the Center for Collaborative and Interactive Technology at the Baylor College of Medicine; and Sue Stine of the Dissemination and Coalition Relations department at CADCA's National Coalition Institute.

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