Thursday, May 26, 2011

Prevention on Purpose :: Safety is a priority

Helping our youth stay substance free requires a commitment from the entire Tippecanoe community. Keeping our youth safe is a priority throughout the year but especially during the summer months. The warmer weather, lack of activities and parental supervision can be a recipe for disaster. Here are some reminders on how we as parents and adults can help keep our youth safe and substance free this summer.

  • Know where your kids are and who they are with at all times
  • Stress to your child the importance of keeping you updated when plans change
  • Have definite safety rules about what they are doing (ie: only one other person in the car at a time, no driving past 10pm, etc.)
  • Stick tightly to a curfew
  • Help them know how to assess and handle risky situations
  • Talk with other parents/adults to make sure that alcohol is not available at the events your youth attend
  • Check your child's ID to make sure they don't have a fake ID
  • Set a good example for responsible adult alcohol use
  • Make consequences fit the situation. Lack of responsibility means pulling privileges that require your child to be mature and responsible. Tell them how it connects and what they can do to earn back what they lost.

The fact is, the MORE you pay attention, clearly explain guidelines for behavior, and prepare your children for high risk social situations; the MORE LIKELY your child will get through these sometimes scary years without a life changing-incident.

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