Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Is your child heading off to college?

The start of college across the country is just around the corner. Here at Purdue the campus is coming alive with students arriving for BGR. Just take one trip to Target in the evening and you will notice a slew of students and their parents roaming the aisles collecting goods that will last them until winter break.

While it is exciting to have the students back this may be a daunting time for parents who wonder how their teen will handle the sometimes negative social pressures that come with living with thousands of other young people.

The most powerful tool you have is influence. The days of controlling their behavior are long gone. Actually, did you ever have control? Probably not. The best defense you have is preparing your child to make sound, healthy choices before they leave behind the safety net of your home.

Throughout the next few weeks, as they prepare to leave for college, you can use teachable moments to foster conversations on how you expect them to handle themselves socially as well as academically.

  • Help them learn to assess high-risk situations and establish plans to remove themselves from the equation.
  • Identify ways you can help; i.e. Prepare a phone list of cabs and provide emergency money only for this purpose.
  • Let them know they can turn to you without reprimand. This will keep the lines of honest communication open.

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