Thursday, October 27, 2011

Red Ribbon Bookmark Contest Winners

Elementary and middle school students across Tippecanoe County participate in a bookmark contest each year. Students create bookmarks with messages about staying drug-free. One bookmark winner is chosen from each school. This year we had 19 bookmark contest winners. The winners were selected at each school by their classmates and honored at the Red Ribbon Breakfast on October 24th.

The 2011 Winners are.....

Emma Tate from Battlegound Elementary
"Good Choices = Getting Ahead in Life"

Sarah Greenwell from Burnett Creek Elementary
"Don't be a Grumpy Grinch! Don't take drugs. They're for Slugs!"

Irene Renu Bhunia from Cumberland Elementary
"I'm drug free 24/7/365"

Phevos Lee from Klondike Elementary
"Be Smart; Don't Start! Be Healthy"

Treven Stidham from Klondike Elementary
"Don't Smoke, You Might Croak"

Sarah Vaught from Mayflower Mill Elementary
"Drugs Belong in the Trash"

Jillian Presutti from St. Boniface Elementary
"Life is Sweet. Savor it just like it was your last bite of Chocolate. Don't do Drugs"

Kayla Brady from St. Lawrence Elementary
"Don't Smoke and Remind your Family not to Smoke"

Nicholas Poole from St. Lawrence Elementary
"Don't do Drugs; Even Mario Says So!"

Kristof Howard from St. Mary's Elementary
"Don't Smoke While Driving or Drink Alcohol While Driving Either"

MaKenna Baumgardt from Wea Ridge Elementary
"Say No to Drugs!"

Irene Zou from Woodland Elementary
"Just Say No to Drugs!"

Alex Bauer from Battleground Middle School
"Just say No, Be Drug-Free!"

Kate Cunningham from Klondike Middle School
"Smoked Chicken is Delicious but a Smoking Chicken is Ridiculous"

Skylene Banter from Sunnyside Middle School
"I like being me, because I'm drug-free!"

Rileigh McTagertt from Sunnyside Middle School
"Don't let drugs reel you in!"

Brittani Covault from Tecumseh Middle School
"Get a clue. Say no to drugs"

Aspen Thiel from Tecumseh Middle School
"I have better things to do than drugs!"

MaiHan Bui from Wea Ridge Middle School
"Be drug-free!"

Congratulations students! We hope to see you and your classmates back next year!

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