Thursday, October 6, 2011

"We the People" website gives you the opportunity to share your voice about the importance of effective drug prevention programs

President Obama has given YOU a very unique opportunity to have a real voice in shaping U.S. policy through his recently launched “We the People” website, which allows petitions to be posted about various issues of importance.

CADCA has posted a petition to raise the profile of effective drug prevention, generally, and the Drug Free Communities program, specifically on this website. There goal is to get 25,000 people to sign on to it within 30 days. If they achieve that President Obama has committed that his cabinet will discuss our issue.

Given that drug use is increasing, Americans are receiving mixed messages, and perceptions of harm and disapproval are being eroded, we need to send our message to President Obama and his Administration. Those pushing for “medical marijuana” and legalization initiatives have already posted many petitions and have collected more than 80,000 combined signatures.

This is a huge opportunity to ensure that the Administration understands that drug prevention is critical! Please consider supporting the efforts of the Drug-Free Coalition of Tippecanoe County and of CADCA as a whole and SIGN the petition!

ACTION STEPS TO BE TAKEN: Viewing and signing on to the petition is easy, and takes less than 1 minute – all you have to do is:
  1. CLICK HERE to visit the website
  2. Login or Create a username (Your password will be sent to you in an email)
  3. Click ‘Sign Petition’
  4. Pass this on to your friends and family

Thank you in advance for taking the time to sign this petition.

If you have any questions about the petition, please contact Kelly Lieupo, Director of Public Policy, CADCA, at

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