Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Summer Safety Tip #4 :: Be a Role Model

This week we are wrapping up our series -- 4 Tips for Keeping your Teens Safe This Summer. For our final tip we focus on the importance of setting an example and being a positive role model. There really is no stronger example than the one you set for your teens. It is important to examine your own behavior. Kids are observers and they will pick up on your habits. Be the person you want your kid to be. What stronger anti-drug message is there?

photo credit: NIAAA
Summer Safety Tip #4::
Be a Role Model

If you choose to drink alcohol, drink responsibly by not drinking too much or too often or in high-risk situations, such as while driving, boating or swimming. 
If you are of age and you choose to drink we encourage you to to pay attention to the size, content and amount of alcohol you consume each time you drink. The Domino Strategy can help you follow responsible drinking guidelines as defined by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Keep alcohol in a secure and monitored location away from where teens hang out. 
Most teens drink at home and the easiest place for them to get alcohol is often right next to the milk. Think about the places that alcohol is stored in your home....do these places align with where your teen and his/her friends hang out or have easy access to?  Take time today to relocate or take inventory of the alcohol in your home.

Do not give alcohol to your teens. Clearly communicate that alcohol in your home is off limits to them and their friends. 
Refuse to allow anyone under 21 to drink alcohol in your home or on your property. It is illegal. 

Plan family friendly parties that are alcohol free.

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