Thursday, September 5, 2013

"Broke is Broke"

Yesterday evening, speaker Silouan Green joined a group of local community members in order to encourage "Finding Purpose in Our Brokenness." His message was this: "Broke is broke," and the key to recovery is to focus on finding value and purpose in life.

For those present who work in community service fields or who are working through their own recovery processes, he encouraged the importance of recognizing that while the cause of what makes us "broken" may vary, most of us are "broken" in some way, and we can use those experiences to help those around us. Silouan believes that the key to recovery is not simply avoiding the next drink or the next hit; the most valuable key is finding a goal to work for and seeing joy in life.

For Silouan, his joy was discovered in a two-year-long motorcycle trip across the country. Other's joy may be very different, but what's important is that what is chosen to break free from the cycle of addiction is meaningful and hopeful.

This Recovery Month, if you find yourself in a state of recovery or desiring recovery, surround yourself with people who care, find a person or two who is willing to really listen, and look for joy and purpose in life. And if you're in a position of service and encouragement to those who are broken, be those things for others: a support system, a listener, and a leader toward hope, joy, and purpose.

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