Monday, May 5, 2014


at the 2014 Youth to Youth International Spring Training Conference. This four day conference is an opportunity for youth to create solutions to challenges they may face such as underage drinking, prescription drug abuse and misuse, marijuana, tobacco use, distracted driving, bullying, dating violence, suicide, youth obesity, stress, and much more. It is designed for school clubs, youth serving organizations, peer educators, faith-based groups, drug free community coalitions, asset builders, youth councils, and youth of all kinds! The week will explore what works in youth-led prevention. There will be team-building activities, small discussion groups, workshops, action-planning, youth-created presentations, speakers, and fun events every night. This youth-led week prepares participants to make a difference in their schools and communities by addressing the problems they face in positive, lasting ways. It's an opportunity for youth to address the problems they are more aware of than anyone and discover ways to positively influence the present and future of their communities.

There are three conference dates and locations for youth to choose from including Ohio, June 23-16, Oklahoma, July 9-12, and Rhode Island, July 27-30. For more information about the Y2Y International Conference visit

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