Thursday, April 28, 2011

Prevention on Purpose:: Prom

Prom is one of the most anticipated events of a teen's high school career. It can be a dream come true or a complete nightmare, depending on such things as your teen's expectations, date (or lack thereof), peer-pressure and alcohol consumption.

If your son or daughter is attending prom this season, you probably know you need to have "A Talk" with him or her. But how? The Partnership at has some great suggestions. Check out some of their suggestions.

  • One way to spark the conversation is to talk about your own prom. Use your own prom memories (good, bad and ugly) to connect with your teen and discuss your expectations and concerns.
  • Use classic scenes from TV and movies to begin a conversation with your child. Using these clips as a teachable moment is an easy way to bring up the topic of drugs, alcohol use and sex with your child - and encourage him or her to make healthy choices and avoid risky behaviors on prom night. Click here for 8 classic prom scenes from movies and TV.
  • What really happens on prom night? Click here to read stories from 11 teens. We discovered that prom itself isn't as wild and crazy as the movies have made it out to be. But you might be surprised by the some of the risky behavior going on after the prom.

If your son or daughter is attending prom encourage them to support the following Drug-Free Coalition Celebrate Safely Campaign partners with their corsage and boutonniere purchases. The following florists will be partnering with the coalition to spread the safe prom message!

  • Alley Flowers
  • Benedict Flowers
  • Garrett's Flowers
  • Lafayette Flower Shoppe
  • McKinney's Flowers
  • Valley Flower
  • Roth Florist
  • Sharon's Flowers
  • William's Flowers

Remember. "Prom is your time to shine. Make the smart move. Celebrate Safely!"

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