Monday, August 8, 2011

Guest Post :: Back to School Basics

School will be starting up in the next couple of weeks. It is time as a parent to be thinking about helping your children get off on the right path this school year. The Drug-Free Coalition encourages you to BE INVOLVED and be prepared to deal with problems before they arise.

Here are some pointers to get you started this school year!

  • GET TO KNOW YOUR CHILD’S FRIENDS! Studies prove that it will be a friend that influences your teen when it comes to alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs. Know their friends and talk to your child about their friends. Consider becoming acquainted with your child’s friends and their parents. Your influence can make a difference.
  • ENCOURAGE YOUR CHILD TO BE ON A TEAM OR IN A CLUB, whether at school, in church or at the local youth center. Help them find their abilities. Studies show that children who are involved with extra-curricular activities do better all around than those who are not. Kids want and need to fit in someplace so help them fit into a place that is beneficial to them.
  • SPEND TIME TOGETHER as a family. Strengthening your family bonds and allowing your child the opportunity to talk about things that are going on at school and in their life can make a difference in how they react to things.
  • ENCOURAGE and believe in your child. Let them know they can do something, be someone, make a difference, and you expect them to succeed in life.
  • WATCH FOR CHANGES in your child’s behavior--different friends, grades dropping, etc. These are some of the indicators for alcohol, tobacco and other drug usage.
  • CLEAN OUT/LOCK-UP! Most kids get alcohol and prescription drugs from right inside their home. Clean out the old medications, and lock-up alcohol and prescription medications.

I hope these tips will help you get you and your family off to a good start this school year! For more information visit “The Partnership at Drug”.

Jane Haddock, BSW, CPP
Community Consultant, ICJI
Serving Benton, Carroll, Clinton, Fountain, Tippecanoe,
Parke, Vermillion, Warren, and White Counties

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