Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Mark your calendars :: CADCA presents strategies for tackling Marijuana use

Attitudes about marijuana are changing. Fewer 8th and 10th graders believe smoking marijuana is dangerous. These declines in the perception of harm invariably precede increases in substance use. Despite that, several states have medical marijuana laws on the books and more states are considering putting these types of initiatives on the ballot. During the next CADCA TV program, “The Blunt Truth: Communities Dealing with Marijuana,” representatives from various states will discuss how medical marijuana laws and marijuana legalization efforts are impacting their communities, and what they’re doing to tackle this issue. The show airs Aug. 25, from 1-2 p.m. EST.

Join host Mary Elizabeth Elliott, CADCA’s Vice President of Communications, Membership, and Information Technology, as we explore how coalitions are counteracting the negative marijuana influence in their communities as laws and attitudes change – whether it’s medical marijuana or marijuana legalization, in general. You’ll learn about the best ways to educate the public about marijuana’s harmful effects on the developing brain, and how coalitions are working with local and state governments on legislation and ordinances.

Guests on the show include:

• Wanda Boone, Executive Director and Founder of Durham Together for Resilient Youth, “TRY” in North Carolina;

• Jim Cooper, Executive Director of TOGETHER! in Washington state; and

• Beth Shrader, Director, Brattleboro Area Prevention Coalition, in Vermont.

“The Blunt Truth: Communities Dealing with Marijuana” will be webcast live at www.cadca.org. You can also join this special broadcast at no cost from any site with a satellite dish having C-band capabilities. All viewing sites must register in advance to receive the necessary satellite coordinates. To register, contact Ed Kronholm at 877-820-0305, dlnets@aol.com or www.dlnets.com/MCTFT2nd.htm.

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