Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Helping Teens Get the Most from Spring Break

Whether your teen is staying home or traveling for Spring Break, there are positive ways to help maximize the week away from school.

If your teen is traveling (with or without you), make sure to cover the following topics before departure:
  • Set rules, especially about drugs and alcohol. Talk about expectations and the consequences of poor decisions, including both consequences that you establish and natural consequences, such as risk of injury.
  • Prepare him/her by talking about making safe choices, such as implementing the buddy system and avoiding peer pressure.
  • Monitor your teen while you're away from each other. Ask questions about where he/she will be, request daily updates on how things are going, and remind your teen that you trust him/her to continue making wise choices throughout the trip.  
If your child is staying home for Spring Break, be aware of how down time will be spent. Many teens find it easier to make good choices when there are productive options for spending down time. Consider working together to seek out volunteer activities for your teen to participate in, which will not only prevent boredom, but may also help him/her make friends, pursue passions, and build self-confidence.

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