Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Summer Safety Tip #3 :: Be Encouraging

This week we continue our Summer Safety campaign -- 4 Tips for Keeping your Teens Safe This Summer. So far we have touched on two other tips the Be Involved tip and the Be Open tip. This week we will focus on encouraging and supporting our teens. It is important to balance being a parent to our teens and allowing them to be the growing maturing humans they are. These tips can help you encourage and be there for your teen so that when things do get tough they will call on you for help and love.

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Summer Safety Tip #3::
Be Encouraging

Notice good behavior and give reinforcing compliments
Most everyone likes to hear compliments and feel recognized. Sincere compliments trigger feel good brain chemicals. That doesn't change for teens. They thrive off of compliments and praise. Parental feedback has a strong positive influence on behavior. Spending time noticing and complimenting the good in each family member daily will have huge pay offs. Also practice ignoring minor annoying behavior and resist fault-finding. Doing these things will make your family stronger and allow your teen to feel respect and love.

Let them know you have confidence in their ability to make good choices
Whether you know it or not, you’re the biggest influence on your teen when it comes to making healthy choices. Part of that influence is reminding them that you believe in them and you have confidence in their character and ability to make good decisions.

Be available if they need help getting out of a dangerous situation. Make sure they know you are available. 

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