Saturday, January 31, 2015

Super Bowl - The Perfect Time toTalk with your Child about Alcohol

This weekend millions of viewers will tune in to the Super Bowl, not only for the excitement of the game, but also to watch the famous commercials. 
Let’s face it!  Many of us enjoy the commercials just as much as the game. If your child will be one of these viewers, then he or she will be undoubtedly be exposed to alcohol advertising.  Each year companies around the globe spend millions of dollars on advertising during the Super Bowl, with the alcohol industry often purchasing more ad space than any other company.  If you have ever wondered if exposure to these commercials might influence your child's decision about underage drinking, the latest research shows that it does. 

Science World Report released information about a new study  that looks at how viewing TV alcohol ads can increase the risk of both underage drinking and binge drinking. This study involved showing alcohol ads to participants ages 15-23.  The study revealed that participants between the ages of 15 - 17 who had a greater ability to recall the commercials and identify the brand were more likely to drink sooner.  According to the authors, "Our study found that familiarity with and response to the images of television alcohol marketing was associated with the subsequent onset of drinking, adding to studies suggesting that alcohol advertising is one cause of youth drinking."

Research shows that parents are the #1 reason

 that young people chose not to drink.

Even though alcohol advertising is linked to underage drinking, parents are an even greater influence in your children's lives. Take this opportunity to talk with your child about alcohol.  It may be easier than you think. You do not have to get everything across in one conversation.  The best approach is to keep it low key, and to have many small talks verses one big talk. To read thoughts from one our staff members about how she'll talk with her child about alcohol advertising, click here.
Please keep these 5 goals in mind when you do talk with your child about alcohol: 
  1. Show that you disapprove of underage drinking.
  2. Show that you care about your child's happiness and well-being.
  3. Show that they can come to you for information about alcohol.
  4. Show that you are paying attention and will notice if your child drinks.
  5. Build your child's skills and strategies to prevent underage drinking. 
For more information about these 5 goals, alcohol facts, and tools to help you talk with your child, please go to:
Talk. They Hear You.


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